Share Utility Bills w/ Friends

We automatically charge each person their individual portion and then pay the total bill on behalf of your group. 

Automatic payments for you and your roommates.

That’s right. Link Your biller and bank then forget about it. Zero Fees for utility bills.  

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$1,215 / 3 = Uhh...

You crank out the calculator and spreadsheet every month just to make sure everyone pays their fair share.  Bill Management with Splitsy makes it seamless to manage shared bills.  

Splitting bills, done

Built By Roommates, For Roommates.

We've put our real-life bill splitting situation to the test.

Easy setup process

Managing bills is hard enough, Splitsy shouldn't be. We've created a user-experience worth raving about.

Easier to split, faster to forget.

Managing bills is not something you should have to think about in addition to everything else. We’ve made the biller transaction screen as-easy-as 1, 2, 3. 

We're so into bills,
we blog about it.

Our goal is to make your bill paying experience with roommates seamless. We believe the content below will help you enjoy that seamless experience.

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No fees for utility bills.
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