Creating & Executing Goals for 2021

We’ve all been there, year after year. You create a New Year’s Resolution and say you’re going to commit to it. For some, this resolution may only last a few weeks or months. For others, it’s executed. So what’s the difference between those who only last a few weeks and those who execute on their resolution? They develop a plan.

Creating the Plan

Just like splitting bills requires you and your roommates to sit down and create a plan, so does setting your 2021 New Year’s Resolution. We’ve got just the steps for you!

  • Understand the Plan: It may seem simple, but understanding the depth of your plan can make a difference. If your plan is to lose weight, understanding the plan involves knowing the commitment to diet, exercise, and more.
  • Set Realistic Expectations: We all want to set this magnificent goal for 2021. However, setting magnificent goals can result in easily failure. Rather than setting a goal of “Losing Weight in 2021”, set a goal to lose 15lbs by June 2021. This makes it obtainable and measurable.
  • Having a backup plan: We all want our goals to be flawless, but having a 100% success rate can be unrealistic. If your goal in 2021 is to be a better person, but you have a bad day that doesn’t mean you failed. Use your bad day to grow, and make your next day even better for the people around you.

We plan for a successful 2021 and believe these steps will help your endeavors become successful.

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