3 Tips & Tricks for Super Bowl Sunday!

super bowl snacks

For many of us, we enjoy the Super Bowl every year, not understanding the history behind this American-tradition. As what use to be called the “AFL-NFL World Championship Came”, was quickly changed into the “Super Bowl” by Kansas City Chief’s owner, Lamar Hunt.

While this past year has been unprecedented with little-to-no fans in the stadiums, contact tracers, reduced celebrations, etc. all due to a Global Pandemic, the NFL managed to get through the season with few issues.

As our hometown team, The Kansas City Chiefs, attempt to “Run it Back”, we wanted to give you 5 Tips & Tricks for Super Bowl Sunday:

1. Going Out? Arrive Early!

While sitting around for a couple of hours before the game may not seem ideal, it can actually help guarantee you a seat to watch the big game at your favorite Bar & Grill. While Splitsy won’t support splitting bills at restaurants at launch, you can expect it shortly after!

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2. Grocery Shopping? Try before Noon!

2020 was filled of scarce toilet paper & hand sanitizer but rest assured, your local grocery store should have these necessities for the Big Game. We all dread going to the store on Super Bowl Sunday, mostly because some go just a few hours before kickoff. Try going early this morning (in fact, right after reading this post) to get the headache over with and beat the rush.

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3. Be Safe & Responsible

Cheering on your home team can be an exciting moment and could lead to some unexpected challenges. In a crunch, get a ride from Lyft or Uber and leave your car be. Don’t worry, you can always come back and get it tomorrow. While you’re waiting on your ride-share, go ahead and Join Our Wait-List to see what’s next for Splitsy!

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