Back to School: Tips & Tricks

Back to School season is one of the most stressful times of year for students. At Splitsy we have come up with some helpful tips to help make the transition back to school easier!

Back to School Tips

Tip 1.

Snacks are your friend! Stay stocked in snacks especially during stressful days! Snacks can save the day when you are feeling overwhelmed with homework and classes.

Here are some great examples of snacks that we recommend at Splitsy.

  • Cookies – Cookies are a great sweet snack that will get you through those really stressful moments when heading back to school. Just remember to not to eat to many!
  • Chips – Chips are a simple snack that you can share with your friends or roommates. They are quick and easy to eat.
  • Sports Drinks – Sports drinks is a great alternative compared to soda. It is better for you and still tastes amazing!

Lastly, we recommend you share all of your snacks with friends. It’s easy! Just like sharing bills with Splitsy!

Tip 2.

Manage your time! Managing your time is one of the hardest things to do in school. Our advice is to find what works best for you! Here are some examples we have found that keep your time organized

  • Have a planner. This will allow you to plan your day out as you see fit. There are virtual and physical planners that work great for school. Take advantage of them!
  • Fill out a calendar. If you are someone who works while going to school or has a lot going on in your life a simple calendar will help you tremendously! This can go hand and hand with a planner but can also be a higher level of tasks or activities that need accomplished. You can even use a calender to manage your bills or use Splitsy!
  • Staying ahead. Stay ahead on your homework and studying! this will give you more time. Just like you should be proactive with all of your shared bills!

Tip 3.

Be smart with your shared bills. Bills are an essential part of life that everyone has to deal with. We recommend you take them seriously and stay on top of them by joining the waitlist for Splitsy. Whether you share a house or an apartment, with 1 roommate or 10, Splitsy can automate your bills so you don’t have to!

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